New Delhi
20-21 September 2019
29-30 November 2019


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Platinum & Diamond Winner - Vidyavardhans IDEAS Institute of Design Envirenment and Architecture



The very conception began as a dynamic, changing and evolving expression as constant change defies stagnancy to ignite dynamism. To add meaning to this, the physical involvement of a perceiver becomes essential. The installation’s five chakras would be arranged linearly, so that a perceiver sees it as one after the other.

The movement of one leads to the change in movement in others at varying speeds. The five chakras are metaphorical in nature depicting, Agni/Fire,Jal/Water,Prithvi/Earth,Vayu/Wind and Aakash/Ether.

The movement of the chakras would depend on the other perceivers and thus the combinations seen would never be static. The anthropocene aspect today extends to invade the purist depiction of elements as a bioscope, an expression of change.

Yakin Kingel
Steean Fernandes
Suyash Patiskh
Yash Sathi
Chaitali Bedmutha

Diamond Winner - ARCH College of Design and Business

New Delhi


"Look Beyond" is an idea, expressing concern to bring our attention towards the issues of our environment. We human beings tend to be self-absorbed and often forget to 'look beyond' ourselves. But in today’s time, can we even afford to do that? At the cost of the place that we habitat?

There are numerous issues that we are currently facing such as deforestation, scarcity of water, waste disposal, air pollution etc. The problem has reached to such a massive scale that it seems overwhelming and thus ends up in the back of our minds, never to be pondered upon. On the surface we only see our individual concerns. The ignorance to these problems has led to the unpredictable climate for example.

Now it's high time to reflect and bring light to these issues demanding our dire attention. Collectively we must take action for a better future.

Vaibhav Gurjar
Kajol Agrawal

Gold Winner - Chandigarh College of Architecture

New Delhi


The primary purpose of this installation is to physically express how a single good element in design can impact and affect the holism of our surroundings. The central component in the assembly represents that specific element which has the most effect. The cranking of the shaft is symbolic of the effect the design element creates on its surrounding when interacted by the presence of a person. This simply suggests how any design is completely lifeless until human interaction occurs. Appreciation occurs only when one beholds and similarly the mechanism unveils once a person cranks up the shaft.

The basic principles of design including Balance, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Repetition, Rhythm and Unity have been introspected upon to finally decide the shape to be employed to create the desired effect. A circle has been used as it adheres to all the principles and fits exceptionally with the theme being explored.

Ravleen Kaur
Supreet Kaur
Nilesh Gupta

Gold Winner - ITM Institute of Design and Media



"EDUCATION IS THE MOVEMENT FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT" `EDUSYS' is all about re-imagining the Education system in India. The installation shows the difference between the Traditional and Re-imagined education systems.

In Traditional system (one-'many) the knowledge is passed on from a teacher to students and in Re-imagined system, the knowledge is transferred amongst many people (teacher-students-students).

This theory is explained by comparing knowledge with light. In this installation, the bigger bulb on top represents a teacher; whereas, the other smaller bulbs symbolize the students. The difference between both the education systems is conveyed from the amount of light received i.e. knowledge.

Swaransh Dixit
Amisha shah
Umang Panchal
Suraj Khade
Sharvari Saw
Adesh Surve
Nikhil Darji
Priya Panchal
Mehul Gavand
Adil Ashrafi
Hitesh Pardale

Silver Winner - World University of Design

New Delhi


Inspiration: Tree is considered as the symbol of knowledge and growth. Tree provides shelter physically as well as spiritually, where tree can grow and idea can emerge This installation is a tribute to this amazing gift that mankind has got from nature.

The installation is all about the abstract form of a tree which represents each stage of emergence. It also represents five years of emergence of FOAID and its growth. On the surface we only see our individual concerns. The ignorance to these problems has led to the unpredictable climate for example.

The five stages of emergence:
1. Idea- Idea comes from a complex labyrinth of infinite depth of a thought process.
2. Realisation- Realisation of idea is dependent on the process of application.
3. Tools- Tools are the extension of human body and thought.
4. Execution- Execution is the penultimate step towards achieving the goal of existence.
5. Fruition- Fruition is our installation representation of a tree.

All these five stages are represented by the following five textures i.e. Idea is the base. So that is the mirror finish. Realisation is Brushed Stainless Steel, Tools is Hammered Stainless Steel, Execution is Embossed Stainless Steel and Fruition is Lasercut Stainless Steel.

Mani Singh
Nishita Gupta
Shambhavi Singh
Anand Kumar
Parul Sinha

Silver - Raffles Design International



We conceived the art installation as an abstract architectural model that reimagines our built environment. Through the use of positive shapes that are stacked and intermixed, we aim to create a symbol of unity for all people from different backgrounds to come together in this public building. There are five spaces in the shape of a 3D plus sign with different colors representing five years of foaid’s existence.

We thought about the reuse of our installation; we made it modular so that transportation is easy and the pieces can be repurposed to be furniture so that nothing goes to waste.

Salonee Chavan
Seayam Mate

Bronze Winner - Pearl Academy



GROWTH, depicted through the five faces in this pentagonal exhibit is symbolic of the 5 successful years of FOIAD. As one rotates the frame around, it symbolizes the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. Concurrently spinning the frames of change causes the clockwise movement of the helix, which shows the constant cycle of change, adaptation and moving forward that makes this process so beautiful and inspiring.

. The different stages of growth and experiences combined with time and effort from each component makes up the energy that molds this vision into a reality.

Jugal Desai
Aayushi Bagarai
Shishti Ladha
Shruti Mali
Noyomika Banerji

Participant - Academy of Applied Arts

New Delhi


Architecture and design have , over time , formulated itself into a form of art that has the ability to Express certain emotions , ideas, rules etc . It holds the ability to amaze people by at times making them think that how possibly can it be created .

Basic requirement for any structure is to make it stand upright , which no architect can fail to meet and to make anything stand still , it demands of Newton's law of gravity . However moving away from the mainstream some architects and designers push their boundaries to creating something against the law of gravity which leaves people stunned which stimulates their thought processes in idealizing its creativity.

These works are called gravity defying structures that are beautifully created with a great presence of mind , which eventually became our source of inspiration. "Pentateuque By Fabien Mérelle" and "The Force Of Nature By Lorenzo Quinn" are out of those outlandish structures that have inspired us to select this particular idea .

Our creation is an illusionary ?ying stone which is named as HOVERSTONE . The overall structure is strengthened with a metal rod molded into different suitable shapes which holds on to the weight of the huge stone which is made up of wire mesh and P.O.P . The overall impact of the model is to create an illusion that the stone is held upon just with a rope which hence seems going against the law of gravity .

Umang Sharma
Chetna Sharma

Participant - Jamia Milia Islamia

New Delhi


The idea is to represent a cohesive amalgamation of different mediums of interaction to evpke subjective responses by breaking objective reality. This experience is played out by five different mediums of interaction.


Hence the installation intend to important the visualization of a delusional void. which is just that. sans interation. But comes to life when a person lends one's persence to it; making it an experience. The hand movements across the panel, like that of a conductor's in an orchestra. brings out serendipitous music; with the pitch difference contributing to breaks in music expectancy. Followed by a light that emanates and dissipates with it, leaving a visual trail of sound. The "Art Intervention" here composes music with light or creates art with sound. out of semblant emptiness, through movements; conferring itself to be projected under subjective emotions. breaking objective reality.

Fahad Farooq
Asad Jawed Ahmad
Abdul Hannah
Maria seby
Rishabh Srivastava
Anurag Gupta
Shreya Khurana

Participant - Gaiani Zail Sing Campus College of Engineering and tecnology

New Delhi


The five functions of Lord Shiva, i.e. Creation, Preservation, Concealment, Revelation and Destruction, acted as inspiration for evolution of this art installation. These five expressions of Life Chakras are depicted through Five Elements using five materials.

First element at base of installation depicts Creation, and made as a P.O.P. cube balanced at a corner representing dynamic nature of life.

Second element depicts Preservation, and made as wooden Conch Shell (Shankh) exemplifying preservation of life inside a hard shell.

Third element depicts Concealment, and made as M.S. irregular flexible form exemplifying illusions of life.

Fourth element depicts Revelation, and made as M.S. inverted pyramid derived from open hands and exemplifying spread of knowledge.

Fifth element depicts Destruction, and has been made as jute rope/thread sphere with light inside, exemplifying encompassment of life.

These elements are enclosed in M.S. rising spiral rings terminated with bronze bell embellishment to evoke creator of life.

Kajal Sharma
Bhinder Singh

Participant - Mody University Of Science and Tecnology

New Delhi


There is always a phase in one’s life when one is depressed due to failure in time management. Thus pressurized minds lead to in-born fear and imbalance, resulting in psychosomatic pain. Our mind gets distracted with the every tick of watch, to say every second passed by.

Our installation is based on ‘Hour Glass’ which is constant time reminder with a sitting space at the bottom. This as per us; will be most appropriate arena for a serene mind. The dome itself generates a unique effect of hearing yourself from within, the narrow channel of hour glass psychologically acts as a connection with higher energy leading to higher efficiency and also calms us down and increases one’s focus towards next phase.

Time directly corresponds to Light, Colour & Shadow so we tried to integrate the play of these three phenomenons in our design and eventually came up with the title ‘UMBRA’

Shreeya Mishra
Jahnavi Gupta

Participant - RP Inderaprastha Institute of Tecnology (RPIIT)

New Delhi


Positive and negative space play an important role in determining the overall composition in a work of art. So, we have tried to create a perfect balance between the both and that's how the whole universe is running into itself. Our installation is divided into 3 parts, a cuboidal base, a white spiral staircase which is working as a positive space and a demolished black cube which is referring to a negative space.

The demolished black cube depicts the negative minds and the harmful influences that people have and the white staircase is busting out from the cube showing that there is always a possibility to come out of every unfavorable situation. Dreamlike, we have tried to transport the viewer to a place where the rules of reason are suspended. Looking at the installation, the audience will found themselves thinking about presence and absence, and how they perceive and understand the world.

“sought for perspective to function as a kind of philosophical gaze on the world of appearances.”

Nikhil Sachdeva
Abhijeet Singh
Amit Kumar

Participant - Bharathi Vidyapeeth Demel University College of Architecture



Everyone has their own ways of expression, i believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle" - Chris Jamie : in every inch in every mile

Humans are hugely governed by norms and social stigma of society which is like an invisible cage or boundary around human lives, making them rigid like stones. but their hearts always contain all expressions which either die or are expressed and there is a thin line of escape for all the human beings which we call as confidence to express.

Trapped Expressions: this installation depicts a human( abstracted form with rigid stones) which is trapped inside the cage ( outer beautiful hyperbolic structure) of social stigma and has a thin line in front, which is the point of escape. the cage of social stigma has an appealing aesthetics, but ultimately it is a cage. also human has transparent heart similar to the glass in the human abstraction.

in the end a human is very rigid with its expressions because of society, who needs to come out of the cage and not let the expressions trapped.

Akash Mathur
Shiuly Roy
Bhavesh Sacchar
Shratika Tarsolia
Shubhi Mahawar

Participant - Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Architecture and Design Studies



Human Pent-up inside a cage of emotions and sensitivity.

Everything is not black and white when it comes to emotions and expressions. The Human is unique and mysterious in its own way. The emotions going through a person is Perceived Diffrently by others.

The plates rotating around the human represents changing circumstances. These emotions are not seen by everyone; Hence the plates obstruct its view when viewed from outside. The person may physically remain the same, But his sensitivity and understanding grows with the changing environment.

Kasturi Soman
Soumya Nittala
Apoorva Thakkar
Darshil Gogri
Suyash Rai

Participant - Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design



The roots of our Indian culture give us the freedom to love a person of any sex without being frowned upon. Our sacred Hindu texts have provided us with many such icons such as Lord Shiva and Parvati- Ardhanarishwar, Shikhandi, Mohini etc. The Khajuraho temples showcase the wider acceptance of homosexuality through its sculptures.Ever since the colonisation of India and western influences ,Indian society has become rigid and close minded.

Today, a law has been passed, but it has not been instrumental in bringing about a change in people's perception. The acceptance of the LGBTQ community comes only when each individual opens their mind and accepts others for who they are. This installation depicts two clocks, one representing the heterosexual society and the other, a society without any sexual bias.The lever, representing the effort for this necessary change, brings about this much needed change in the mind-set of every individual in this society. We have made our choice, what would be yours?

Preeti Karira
Yash Jain

Participant - SPSMBH'S College of Architecture



‘Expressions are a conscious product of a subconscious mind’ The perception of the term “expressions” has two outcomes- the one which appear on the face through gestures and the other which is running in the background of the brain. An urban dynamic sculpture which could encompass both phenomena and also include people’s participation around, was the real aim. The sculpture is a link of concepts.

The dynamic form of the sculpture stroked the idea of prayer bells of Buddhist temples which can spin and the human face profile abstracted into 5 rings gives it the form. Pure concept of kaleidoscope is used to showcase the mind through eyes.

Nirmiti Sutar
Chaitali Paranjape
Mrunal Dandekar